About us...



Hooked by julie was born out of a love of crocheting and a desire to create handmade goodness.

Here at Hooked, we create beautifully handmade crocheted items for Baby, Children, Ladies, Weddings, Parties & the Home using quality materials & yarns such as, Organic Cotton - 100% Super Soft Merino Wool - 100% Cottons - Bamboo Cottons &  other Cotton Blends

We have a range of Vintage, Boho & Modern items available to ship immediately. 

We also specialise in Made to Order items just for you!

We are dedicated to supplying you with Hooked Handmade Happiness

Handmade gives us, in our world of increasing environmental and labour awareness, an ethical alternative to mass-production; 

Handmade items reflect natural love & uniqueness in appearance;

Buying handmade supports small business and individual entrepreneurs;

When you buy handmade, you’re not just buying an item but also supporting the eco friendly nature in which it was made;

Handmade speaks to deep human connections; 

Handmade is a kind of art and creativity;

Buying handmade helps to yield preservation of a craft;

Buying handmade gives you customisation abilities; 

Best of all….

Handmade offers you something truly beautiful & authentic in today’s increasingly inauthentic world.

Our mission is to create & supply you with authentically beautiful handmade crocheted products you'll love to wear, gift or enjoy in your home.

Forever in Hooking Handmade Happiness,

Julie  & team